Your 4 most common questions
about custom dies answered

What are custom dies?

Here at Summit Labels, we get asked all the time about custom dies, the process behind ordering them, and the costs. In this article, we’re going to answer your most common questions and address the reasons you may need a custom die. We partnered with the distillery owners to create some exciting shape and multi-cavity work (and saved them a ton of money in the process!)

Why do I need a custom die?

Any brand could end up requiring a custom die for their product label. The most common projects we see custom dies in include: unique shapes or sizes, cutouts, safety features (like built-in security tabs), different sized front-backs, or multiple cavity pieces.

How much does it cost?

Ballpark? Custom dies cost roughly $300-400; but that price is dependant on your needs. Custom die costs take the size and number of cavities or shapes into contention, so this price can go up or down. We work with a trusted third party to build the dies for your custom labels, so this price solely reflects your new, top-quality die. We cover all the shipping expenses, ordering, admin etc. so the only thing you’re paying for is the die itself.

Do I have to pay for it every time I want to print this artwork?

Nope! As long as the shape and cuts stay the same, it’s a one-time cost. Once we have your die, we’ll keep it on file for you at the shop. That means your future print orders can go ahead without custom die build delays or costs. Again, unless you change the shape or size of your labels, in which case we may need to order you another die.

How long does it take to get? Will it affect my timeline?

Typically, a die takes 3-5 days to order, build, ship, and set up in our machines. This will add roughly 1-2 days to your total lead time since we can still print your labels while we wait for the die to arrive. (For more on our printing process and uploading your content check out these videos!)