Crafting a premium product? Then you may want to consider adding a hot foil stamp to your label.

Hot foil stamping is the process of heating a custom plate onto a foil material that is then adhered to your label. It is a premium embellishment that creates an elegant, 3-dimensional (and most-often, metallic) foil look.

While a hot foil stamp can be added to any label, it is considered a premium process and is most often used for high-margin items or limited release products. It requires a custom plate and a longer lead-time to produce, but the results are incomparable.

If you’re looking for more versatility and cost-efficiency, then you could also consider our Metallic Bopp material as a suitable alternative.


We wanted to try and elevate our Meli label design to something you don’t see every day. The gold hot foil stamp adds a certain level of elegance to the design that took the label to the next level. We are very happy with how this turned out!
Justin Longoz
Four Winds Brewing



  • Can I reuse my foil plate? 
    Once a foil plate is made, it cannot be changed. However, a foil plate can be reused but only on same-sized labels where the embellishment design is the exact same. (Ie, if you wanted to foil stamp your logo and it is in the exact same place on different label designs).
  • What are the best materials to hot foil stamp onto?
    You are welcome to add a foil stamp on to any material, but we recommend using a textured base stock. Textured stocks complement a hot foil stamp well, and if you're using a non-textured stock then you'd be better off using a Metallic base material instead.
  • Is there a more cost-efficient alternative to Foil Stamping?
    Through the use of a Metallic Bopp material, you can achieve a foiled look at a fraction of the cost and with more creative flexibility. However, a Foil Stamp is much more luxurious and has a raised textured feel to it.