The sCOOP on grouped-run printing

Grouped-run printing is a revolutionary print process that allows you to combine multiple labels (of the same size and shape) into one print run, even if the designs are completely different!

In doing so, you can achieve a higher volume price break as the labels can be printed together in one pass. Of course, the different labels would still be finished on their own rolls so that you would never have to unwind a roll to get to another label.

Additionally, grouped-run printing reduces the amount of setup time needed to print the labels and it also reduces the amount of setup material that the project would otherwise have.

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Our finished product beyond exceeded expectations. We highly recommend them and cannot wait to continue working with them!!
Jessica Clark
Squish Juice



  • Why do my labels have to be the same size and shape in order to group them together? 
    In order for you to group-run your labels, they have to be the same shape and size because our equipment will print and cut them all together using the same die. We offer grouped-run print opportunities as it prevents multiple setups (ie, reduced material waste and setup time).
  • Do I have to use the same material for all of my labels in order to group them together? 
    Yes, you have to use the same material for all of your labels being grouped together.
  • Can I group my labels together if they have a custom embellishment like a foil stamp or Spot UV?: 
    You can group-run labels with custom embellishments, but only if the embellishment(s) are going to be the exact same on every label (including size, placement and shape).