The scoop on sustainable label options

When producing an eco-friendly product, it’s nice to have some sustainable packaging options to further reduce your footprint. While it can be tough to find these sustainable options, Summit Labels has refined a list of sustainable label materials that our clients have come to appreciate.

We are happy to provide materials made of post-consumer waste, recycled kraft paper, and repurposed coffee bean bags…but even more so, we are thrilled to be one of three preferred Western Canadian digital label printers who offer Stone Paper.

Stone Paper is a new revolutionary label material that is made completely from stone. Not only is this material created using reclaimed limestone and recycled concrete, but the process eliminates the use of trees and water – ultimately making it an extremely sustainable and environmentally-friendly option.


The quick turnaround, personable service, and high-quality products make it a no-brainer for our business to use Summit for our label needs. They understand the importance of a quality product provided on time (or even faster than expected!)
Melissa Dobernigg
The BX Press Cidery



  • What are some sustainable material options that you provide? 
    We have materials made from Stone, Post-Consumer Waste, Recycled Coffee Bean Bags and our Recycled Kraft stock.
  • What are some other benefits of Stone Paper? 
    Stone Paper reduces carbon footprints by 67% in comparison to pulp or recycled paper options. Stone Paper is also photodegradable and emission-free.
  • What are the environmental benefits of using a removable BOPP material? 
    BOPP materials are plastic-based and are not as environmentally friendly as the options listed above. However, if you plan on using a BOPP material, you could consider using a removable adhesive option so that your containers can be recycled or reused.