While Variable Data Labels may sound a bit technical, it is actually an amazing creative tool. It allows you to print different designs, number sequences, patterns, images and colours on a same run of (same-sized) labels. 

For example, you could order 1000 labels (or any amount) and have each label numbered 1-1000 (without having to provide 1000 artwork files). Or, you could pick a graphic on your label and have it change colour on every single label, without having to run them separately.

The outdated methods that traditional printers use can involve costly ink, plate and artwork charges for every single change (no matter how small or large) which can easily multiply budgets and lead times.

However, Summit Labels’ revolutionary digital print technology can seamlessly generate artwork with variable data changes so that our customers can take advantage of gang-run printing opportunities. This process prevents you from having to pay hefty design fees to Graphic Designers who would otherwise have to create them for you.

CHECK out the variable data case study 

Summit has been an excellent partner for us, quick to collaborate, iterate, and share expertise with us as we explore solutions for our clients.
Dylan Ballentine
Director of Brand Strategy
Ballentine Media



  • How does it work? 
    All you have to do is pick certain elements of your label that you'd like printed in a varying sequence, and then let Summit Labels' variable data technology take care of the rest!
  • What parts of my label can be variable data? 
    Virtually anything! Whether you'd like your labels to be sequentially numbered or have alternating background patterns - anything can be used in a variable data method. 
  • What are the benefits of variable data? 
    By using the variable data technology, you avoid costly setup fees and plate charges that would otherwise be needed with traditional print methods.  It also provides a unique creative opportunity with limitless design potential.