Whether you’re brewing a new craft beer, squeezing a fresh bottle of juice, or even concocting an original shampoo, it is important to consider the environments that your products will be exposed to. 

While there are many different label materials and finishes that would look great, you also want to ensure that the label will function well. For example, many beverage products are chilled or have condensation (at one point or another), so using a waterproof label material will help to keep your product looking as fresh as it smells.

Depending on the nature of your product, you may also want to consider a label material that is fridge/freezer compatible, squeezable or oil-resistant. We also have anti-tamper label materials to ensure your products aren’t opened before consumption.

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These guys get it. They’re on top of the latest trends and think like a marketing agency more than a print company. What differentiate Summit is how collaborative, creative and open to trying new things they are. We’re excited for the many future projects we’re going to dream up together using their innovative digital label platform.
Mathieu Aubin
Marketing Director
Whistler Brewing



  • Are they available in both smooth and textured stocks? 
    You bet!
  • If it's waterproof, can it go in the fridge or freezer? 
    If it's waterproof, then it can certainly go in the refrigerator. However, only certain materials have a freezer-grade adhesive.
  • If it's waterproof, does that mean I'm not able to write on it? 
    While we do offer imprintable laminations (that accept stamps or hand-writing better), you're better off utilizing our Sequential Numbering or Variable Data technology for waterproof labels.