In recent years, the craft beer industry in North America has become extremely popular and continues to flourish. With home breweries, microbreweries and craft breweries continually opening, the modest market that it once was has completely evolved into a thriving industry.

While many companies dabble in craft beer labels – we specialize in it. Summit Labels has been working with over 70 breweries to elevate their label-game (many since their opening) and have established ourselves as the *self-proclaimed* craft beer label experts.

From peelable moustache labels to holographic dragons; we’re always eager to work with our clients on exciting (and often whacky) projects. If you would like our assistance designing or producing your next runs, please feel free to give us a call or stop by our office. We have an in-house beer-label specialist who would be happy to help you!

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Summit is always delivering above and beyond our expectations. They are truly leading the way in their products and service and it is a pleasure to work with them.
Ashley Duret
Brand Manager
Field House Brewing Co.
  • We love this label! And the beer? A perfect pairing for your summer festivities.
  • A craft beer that tastes this good deserves a label that looks just as good—at least that’s how Summit Label operates.
  • This Wine Beer label was crafted with elegance and care, bringing together the best of both worlds.
  • With a custom label that teases the taste of summer, this Catamaran India Pale Ale is the perfect refresher.
  • This Field Day Fest Edition Label is just what the brewer ordered, and we love creating for local Vancouver breweries.
  • Did you know we have an in-house beer-label specialist who would be happy to help you create a custom label for your beer?
  • What’s Nebraska known for? Corn. And Steel and Oak needed a knock-out label to make this corn lager standout.
  • We’ve gone over to the dark side of label printing, and isn’t the result amazing?



Consider using a custom label shape to solidify your branding, increase shelf appeal, and provide cohesion amongst your products.