The story behind the label

Squish Juicery is a Port Coquitlam based business run by the up-and-coming power-duo, Jessica and Callan. Their grass-roots approach to building their business (and probably, their eventual juice empire) has allowed them to put a high level of detail into every aspect of their juices, and it truly shows in both quality and design. 

We don't want to spoil the video, but we really can't say enough good things about our friends at Squish Juicery. We've been working with them on their labels from inception to creation, and it's been incredible to see how their journey has led them to be a staple in the community. 

They're also a great reminder of how 'blending branding with innovation' is not only just a motto for us, but a differentiating factor for our clients and their brands. Squish's use of a metallic, double-sided label really sets them apart in a competitive industry and their hidden positivity-messages only add to the cold-pressed juice-drinking experience.

Check out the video (see right) and feel free to visit Squish's website for more information on their products.

Visit their site


  • Client: 
    Squish Juicery
  • Industry: 
    Cold-pressed juices 
  • Print Techniques: 
    Metallic, Double-Sided, Sequential Database
  • Materials: 
    Metallic Bopp/Matte Lamination
  • Results: 
    Fun, eye-catching, unique labels with rotating positivity-messages that are revealed as you drink the juice!