The SCOOP on sports nutrition labels

More than a decade ago, professional athletes and bodybuilders were considered the only target market for sports nutrition products. With today’s focus on health and wellness, the market for sports nutrition products has expanded to include a mainstream audience of healthy and active consumers.

As the health and wellness trend continues to grow, the demand for such products will remain high…. and with demand comes competition.

If you’re looking to start or update a line of protein powders, sports drinks or nutraceutical supplements, we’re here to help you stay ahead of the competition (both metaphorically and on the shelves).  Give us a call today to learn about our metallic and holographic materials options, or our anti-tamper and counterfeit prevention options.

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The team at Summit Print always makes sure you have everything you need to get the job done and done exactly how you imagined. The customer service is incredible! They always follow through and I honestly have never had an issue while working with them. Ryan has personally come out to meet with us and show us endless possibilities for our labels, Jonathan always has a solution to any of our creative dilemmas, and April has never failed to respond promptly and is always prepared to get us the information we need. All around a great team to work with and a pleasure at that!
Kelsi Leaming
Graphic Design Manager



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