Summit recently brought our friends at Phillips Brewing into our label family. We worked with them to return to their 'craft' roots in a way that controlled supply chain costs and aligned with their long term growth strategies.

Established in 2001, Phillips Brewing has always kept it unconventional in their approach to craft brewing, malting, and distilling. Exploring the craft frontier from the Island, guided by unbridled creativity and an unwavering attention to quality they’ve managed to amass a huge following of loyal customers that keeps on growing.


Phillips Brewing and Malting Co. came to us looking to move their pre-printed 473ml cans over to a self-adhesive label. As Phillips continued to grow and see success, their warehousing costs were going through the roof (afterall, real estate isn’t cheap around here!) and their inventory systems were straining to keep up with demand. Consequently, it was difficult to keep information on the cans up-to-date and stay true to the ‘craft’ roots and esthetic on which they built their legendary brand.

Phillips Brewing had three main objectives in approaching us:

  • Lower overall cost of doing business.
  • Return to their craft roots with self-adhesive labels.
  • Find an easier way to keep their labels up-to-date (and cut down on label waste!).


We helped Phillips move to a standardized 473ml label size, and a group-run label system. So they could make adjustments and release limited edition cans for a fraction of the start-up costs. Our variable data also allowed Phillips to print different designs, number sequences, patterns, images and colours on the same run of (same-sized) labels without the extra graphic designer fees.

To achieve the classic craft look, we transitioned Phillips to a self-adhesive BOPP and used recyclable PET liners to maximize their label applicator’s efficiency and increase Phillips’ canning line production.


Within three months, we got Phillips entire 473ml production line (over 1.5million labels a year) up and running! Implementing just-in-time delivery, bi-weekly production runs, 3D rendered samples, and custom prototyping.

Not only did we save them on warehousing and inventory, but communication was better and they were able to take advantage of our first-in-Canada online ordering and 3D sampling systems. Something which came in handy for their latest widely successful IT TAKES A VILLAGE campaign. For this special 473mL can, Phillips partnered up with the Whitecaps FC family and artist Carson Ting to share the spirit of the nightly seven o'clock ovations for frontline workers. Village Hero features the artwork of Carson Ting that was used in a limited run of prints and extends the same program into beer! 100% of proceeds went towards the Vancouver Food Bank and we were thrilled to support the initiative by providing these limited edition labels free of cost.