The story behind the label

Good Mood Brewery may be a newcomer to the Calgary craft beer scene, but they’ve come in with a splash, already scooping up prizes at the Alberta Beverage Awards and Canadian
International Beer Awards. What’s even better? Their commitment to being active within the
community and supporting local charities, and what better place to start than the infamous
month of “Movember”.

We met the marketing team when the idea was in the early stages; a Harvest Pale Ale released in November, with $1 per 6pack going to the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre. With such a wide selection of craft beers on the market, they needed something that would make them stand out and draw people to their beer. Born was the idea of a peel’n’stick moustache – only they weren’t sure how/if it could be done. Enter Summit Labels.

We have quite a bit of experience in this, however, 3 peel-off moustaches presented some difficulty due to their size and shape. But there’s nothing we enjoy more than a project that pushes us to innovate, and after experimenting with different materials and
adhesives, we had created a label where the moustaches released easily from the label but
wouldn’t come off from condensation.

We love a good social media hit, and as much as we enjoy the product in the can, for us, there’s nothing quite like hearing “we need to buy this just for the label”.

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Summit Labels did an exceptional job on our November Edition Pale Ale labels. We wanted to incorporate peel-n-stick moustaches to the design, something I wasn’t sure was even possible, and Summit made it happen. The labels look great, and our customers have really enjoyed the fun moustache stickers. I would highly recommend them for any challenging label product. I am looking forward to printing this campaign again with Summit next year!
Alyssa Giammarino
Marketing Representative
Good Mood Brewery
  • This beer puts is in a good mood, and so does that custom label  and sticker combo!
  • It’s a peel and stick moustache label! Yeah, Summit Labels did that!


  • Client: 
    Good Mood Brewery
  • Industry: 
    Craft Beer
  • Print Techniques: 
    Custom Die Shape, Peel-Back
  • Materials: 
    Removable White Bopp/Matte Lamination
  • Results: 
    A social media hit! (Still available for sale - amount raised is still to be determined!)