Summit labels provided custom label solutions for local entrepreneurs––and soon to be ‘Juice Giants’––Jessica and Callan at Squish Juicery.

Squish Juicery is a Port Coquitlam based business run by the up-and-coming power-duo, Jessica and Callan. Their grass-roots approach to building their business (and probably, their eventual juice empire) meant detail was everything. This was a dream they were passionate about and they deserved a label that reflected that love, care, and positivity. So they came to us.

When they first approached us, they were just getting started and were still roughly a year out from opening their doors. Frustrated with the other guys, they said that other suppliers weren’t giving them the time of day, making them feel small and less important than a larger company. Now if you know us at all, you’ll know that just didn’t fly with us!

“ Our finished product beyond exceeded expectations. We highly recommend them and cannot wait to continue working with them!!”

Jessica Clark, Co-Owner of Squish Juice


The Squish Juicery team found us online after trying and failing for months to find a label company to partner with them. They came to us with a distinct vision for their brand and a gorgeous array of colourful and exciting cold-pressed juices.

  • Create a unique brand image that reflects their personalities and passion for cold-pressed juice.
  • Develop packaging that feels good. Something that they could touch, and hold, and feel proud of in the community. For Jess and Callan, every single detail counted.


We worked closely with our new friends from inception to implementation. Harnessing the power of digital to pull off a first in creating their double-sided hidden positivity-messages to add something truly special to the cold-pressed juice-drinking experience. Using variable data printing techniques we were able to randomize seven messages, cycling through designs so each experience, regardless of flavour, felt unique and personal.


The digital printing process allowed us to group-run those labels so each flavour could be printed and delivered at once. Saving time and budget for their other extensive branding efforts (and to keep that delicious juice flowing.) Finally we used a metallic label to highlight the vibrant colours and freshness in the bottle––to really set those bottles apart in a competitive industry.

They had an idea of what they were looking for but didn’t know what was possible with digital printing (or labels in general) They wanted something fun, unique, and memorable to match their awesome branding. We reviewed the options and recommended Metallic Bopp (to make it fun), a double-sided print (to make it unique), and a variable data sequence of genuine messages (to make it memorable).


Since launching, they have had some amazing successes winning:

  • Tri-Cities A-List; Best Smoothie/Juice Bar in Poco.
  • Tri-Cities A-List; Best New Business in Poco.
  • 2019 PoCo Best Biz Award for Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • 2019 TriCities Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals to Watch Award.
  • 2019 TriCities Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards;Business of the Year (1-10 Employees) Finalist.
  • 2019 TriCities Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards; Young Professional of the Year; NOMINEE.

Beyond the hardware they’ve collected, the Squish brand is quickly becoming a BC staple. Since opening Jillian Harris––British Columbian social sweetheart––shouted the duo out on her instagram, and they captured the attention and imagination of a massive grocery store chain who is considering them as their FIRST cold-pressed juice offering. Resulting in the launch of Squish Juicery Wholesale Line in 2020 “after 8 months of planning, designing, testing, and testing some more…” with us of course!


We couldn’t talk about Squish Juicery’s epic story without mentioning the Wholesale line! Launched this year following a massive increase in demand from local retailers Squish came to us once again to work a bit of magic.


This time around they had a new objective: Differentiate their wholesale line to keep from diluting the in-store experience they were famous for.


To keep things fresh and fun we helped Squish come up with a new way to make their wholesale line unique. While we kept the metallic to match the brand, we stepped it up with one long label (instead of two), a fresh design, and a fun custom die cut to really make the top of the label unique. We also kept the double-sided quotes off the wholesale line, keeping that little moment of magic just for the shop.

The result? We can’t wait to see! As Squish Juice Wholesale rolls out across Metro Van feel free to check it out and let us know what you think.