Character That Runs Deep

Who We Are

We’re outliers. Innovators. Rebels in a traditional industry and we’re here to shake things up in a big way. We believe in custom, don’t do boring, and encourage creativity in everything we do. This is who we are, and it’s these values that built our company and continue to drive us forward.

Summit is breaking the boundaries of label printing in Vancouver, and we’re not just talking about geography. We’re fearlessly moving forward and embracing change. By employing new techniques, testing new materials, and purchasing new equipment, we drive brands forward—it’s who we are.

What We Stand For

We’re relationship people—we might come off as confident and modern, but at the end of the day, we’re still a bit traditional and want someone we can see a future with—in printing (we said printing). We’re in it for the long haul, through thick and thin, to work alongside you and support your brand. We build partnerships, so if you’re looking for a printer in Vancouver to submit a job and end it there, we’re not for you.

Technology That Drives You Forward

Our biggest differentiator is our ability to come up with one of a kind ideas that brands love. Our ideas make us unique, and when your ideas are as original as ours, you have to have something out of the ordinary to back them up. Our HP Indigo Digital Print Engine is practically the holy grail of label printing, combining the highest print quality and creative possibilities with the highest print quality. Plus, we don’t just have one. We have two, and this is just the beginning of our growth.

Whether it’s a new whey protein brand, a collaboration combining 15 local breweries, or a 100% recycled label, we create labels and stickers that weren’t possible before—and aren’t possible with any other Vancouver label printer. We create game-changing labels for your brand, but don’t just let us tell you that. Find out what’s possible and peruse our portfolio; who knows what you’ll discover.

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We deliver
creative ideas

Whether it’s an innovative label made of stone, a sticker with a peel away saying, or a label with 125 rotating designs for one single sku, we’re passionate about pushing boundaries and coming up with unparalleled ideas that solve your problems and makes your brand stand out—in Vancouver and beyond.

We are your

We’re much more than order-takers: we’re champions of your brand. We’re your partner in creativity, that group of problem-solvers who make your life easier, those people you trust to take your brand to the next level, your 2 AM call—you get it, right?

We drive brands

We’re those people who do whatever it takes to get a job done, and not just done, but done well. You deserve nothing less. Whether it’s experimenting with new materials, working all night to hit your deadline, or pushing technical boundaries, we drive your brand forward.

We print things—sometimes labels, sometimes stickers—and we do it all in Vancouver and Calgary.
What goes on behind the doors of Summit Labels? The creation of premium labels for your brand of course!
Yes, we make labels and stickers for ourselves. We’re label makers, what did you expect?
Our team loves what they do, whether it’s designing or operating the digital press.