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Distinguish your brand with captivating labels that tell a unique story.


Your labels are often the first interaction customers will have with your brand. 

Creating an impactful cannabis label is more than squeezing in regulatory info — although we have some great options for that, too! It's about texture, material, colour, and clean lines. It's a good thing our team are experts in the print industry, ready to get creative to craft the perfect label for your brand. 


 So, what story do you want your labels to tell? 



Envision your product perched on a shelf — now, let's transform that picture into reality.

Explore a spectrum of possibilities for your cannabis labels, from embossing, nano-embossing, and debossing to foil stamping, textured high-build, and beyond.

Embrace creativity beyond limits, because we're prepared to push boundaries if you are.





Ready for game-changing cannabis label customization?

Employing cutting-edge software, we can effortlessly produce labels featuring unique designs, number sequences, patterns, images, and colours in a single label run — without the extra design fees.

From strains to lots and batch numbers, it’s all possible.

Check out more variable content possibilities.

VDP - Sea Change
Mosaic VDP - Strange Fellows



Virtually endless one-of-a-kind images generated from one artwork file.

Keep your image and logo consistent while making each wine label unique, individual, and engaging. Bigger, smaller, copied or rotated — we do the heavy lifting.

Cannabis labelling is complicated — we're making it simple.

Our checklist breaks it down for you so you can be confident your label is compliant when you go to print. Breathe easy!