We’re drawing back the curtain because seriously, these crazy, label-loving, passionate printer people are the blood, sweat, and tears behind Summit Labels. We believe in what we do, and every member of our team embraces what it means to be a part of Summit—to be a collaborator, an innovator, a pioneer of ideas, a platform for you to take your business to the next level. We’re your partners, and our team of highly skilled custom label enthusiasts are here to shake things up in a big way.

Gerald Chang
  • Gerald Chang
  • Ryan Lees
  • Jordan Fischer
  • April McKenzie-Cook
  • Jenelle Motz
  • Shawna Parrent
  • Astrid Bond
  • Heather Doyle
  • Victoria Adam
Gerald Chang, Summit Labels’ Managing Partner

Gerald Chang

Managing Partner

Gerald is our fearless leader and a pretty atypical certified accountant–but if you've met him, you know that already. He not so secretly admits (he said this to you right away, didn't he?) that he much prefers the marketing and branding side of business which is why he loves Summit so much. But, that being said, his background in numbers makes him a triple threat around here. Aside from a perfectly timed French press coffee (hold the funny stuff, AKA cream and sugar), Gerald's true passion is working collaboratively with clients to brainstorm unique solutions that drive growth and bottom-line results.

Ryan Lees, Summit Labels’ Director of Digital Solutions

Ryan Lees

Director of Digital Solutions

Clever, funny, and timed just right (or so he thinks), our Director of Digital Solutions is an all-around talented guy who has the unique ability to take a product launch and crank it up to 11 with creative and innovative ideas. This guy has been with Summit since its doors opened back in 2004, and he has partnered with more brands than we can count (alright, we’re being a biiiiit dramatic, we have records). Our only complaint? His jokes…well, they suck—but if you can overlook the puns, you’ll find a guy whose attention to detail and care for your products is second to none. 

Jordan Fischer, Summit Labels’ Production Manager

Jordan Fischer

Production Manager

One of the two HP Indigo Web Press operators in Western Canada (the other was Ryan) when he started, Jordan was literally at the forefront of digital print tech in Canada. A giant in press tech Jordan shows up each day ready to take the ball and get rolling - learning and developing new processes and techniques we’ve never seen before (just like he did when he started here 15+ years ago). We can’t think of anyone better than this hockey playing, muscle car loving, golf ball slicing virtuoso to get your wildest labels ideas through production.

April McKenzie-Cook, Summit Labels’ Account Manager

April McKenzie-Cook

Account Manager

April is such a rock-star. As a former elite track and field athlete, she moves quickly to help our clients get their label projects underway. Her friendly demeanour and positive attitude make everyone want to work with her (trust us, it’s infectious), and she expertly utilizes her experience in client services both inside and outside of the office. When she’s not leading community programs for young children, she’s combining skills from her degree in Health Sciences from SFU with limitless creativity, helping our amazing clients every day (okay fine, maybe just Monday to Friday).

Jenelle Motz, Summit Labels’ Label Solutions Specialist

Jenelle Motz

Label Solutions Specialist

The easiest way to describe Jenelle is to say that she is a lot (and we mean A LOT) of things. Not only did she grow up on a farm and become an accomplished equestrian, she went to the University of Waterloo and is a certified biochemist. But wait—there’s more. Known for her prowess in and out of the rings, Jenelle is a boxing enthusiast and can often be found boxing at a local gym. To say she’s one of a kind would be a huge understatement, and with a background like this, it’s no wonder she’s able to learn quickly, ask thoughtful questions, and understand the needs of our valued clients (don’t worry, all her meetings are scheduled outside the boxing ring).

Shawna Parrent, Summit Labels’ Accounting & Admin Manager

Shawna Parrent

Accounting & Admin Manager

Shawna is our get things done, knock-these-items-off-the-list, process-driven rockstar who we call on to manage the accounting and admin side of our business. Not only is she on top of everything (seriously, how does she do this?), she is the person we rely on whenever we need a good Disney trivia question. Shawna loves all things Disney and is known to play a song or two from one of their movie soundtracks (she keeps the volume low, just in case someone doesn’t love Disney as much as she does) but, if you’re in the office long enough, you might hear some singing.

Astrid Bond, Summit Labels’ Account Manager

Astrid Bond

Account Manager

Astrid is our coffee-drinking, dream-making, order-processing expert. She genuinely cares about bringing her clients' visions to life and works closely with them to hit deadlines and make stuff happen. She loves the process behind the scenes, getting products ready for the shelves, and making them pop when they get there. Her degree in print-making and extensive experience in graphic design are a massive asset to any design -- and we're seriously proud to have her on the squad. When she's not working with clients and creating solutions, Astrid is designing and printing t-shirts and hanging out with her super cute Shiba Inu, Innis.

Heather Doyle, Summit Labels’ Account Manager

Heather Doyle

Account Manager

Heather is a one-of-a-kind creative powerhouse who specializes in visual merchandising and building solutions that take products from concept to shelf to the customer's hands. Heather's been with us since graduating from fashion merchandising at Blanche Macdonald. A degree which sparked her passion for working behind the scenes, collaborating with customers, and coming up with solutions for the trickiest of problems. Heather is also our proud Pop Culture Queen. She'll get to know you and your product personally (if only to share personal movie recommendations)! Then, before you know it, she'll be quoting movies and songs you've never heard. Just try and best her in movie trivia (we dare you).

Victoria Adam, Summit Labels’ Account Manager

Victoria Adam

Account Manager

Victoria is our detail-oriented solutions and order process guru (that should seriously be on her business card). She cares about every single detail that goes into a label project and is amazing at her job. Her years of experience in client service is a huge asset to our team and our clients, and when it comes to pitching new ideas, this woman is in the big leagues—prepare to be wowed. As a health and fitness fanatic, she really enjoys the advanced previews we get for new products coming out (but she’s sworn to secrecy, so don’t even try getting it out of her).