Stand up to the elements with waterproof labels

Whether you’re brewing a new craft beer, squeezing a fresh bottle of juice, or even concocting an original shampoo you want your products to stay looking as fresh as they smell. While there are many different label materials and finishes that would look great, they need to function great too! That’s why we carry the best water and oil resistant BOPPs around, to keep your labels looking slick no matter the spill or situation.

Sticky? Wet? Cold?
We’ve got a label for that.

From freezers and coolers, to all your squeezable, oil-resistant, or anti-tamper needs we have the materials to keep your product looking fresh-off-the-press levels of good. Our Label Solutions Specialists are the most experienced label team in all of Western Canada, we’ve seen it all. Just ask yourself; ‘where will this live?’ And we’ll handle the rest!

Waterproof label material articles
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Our free (yes, free!) material sample packs get the job done. No contracts, no PO, no commitment of any kind, just quality labels. Because we believe you should feel nothing but good about placing your order.